Breathing in Clinical Somatics exercises

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Breathing in Clinical Somatics exercises Many students ask me how to breathe correctly when practicing Clinical Somatics exercises. Your breathing pattern is more important in some exercises than others, depending on whether or not the exercise includes extension or flexion of the spine. In this post I'll describe why diaphragmatic breathing is important, the [...]

The Myth of Aging: What’s Inevitable, and What Isn’t?

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The Myth of Aging: What's Inevitable, and What Isn't? We like to blame a lot of things on aging: our lack of energy, our stiff joints and sore muscles, our rounded shoulders, and our expanding waistlines. But are these changes in our body and functioning inevitable—or are they a result of gradual changes in our [...]

Getting out of the Fibromyalgia Pain Cycle

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Getting out of the Fibromyalgia Pain Cycle Fibromyalgia is a painful, often debilitating condition with many symptoms. The causes can seem mysterious, so determining a successful treatment approach can be daunting. In this post I'll discuss how fibromyalgia can be the result of an ongoing, self-perpetuating cycle of chronic pain, psychological stress, overactive immune [...]

The Anatomy of Your Tension Headache

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The Anatomy of Your Tension Headache If you're reading this post, you may be one of the 45 million Americans who suffer from chronic headaches. Headaches are one of the most frustrating pain conditions because the causes are so varied and can seem completely mysterious. In fact, over 150 different types of headache have [...]

The Life-Changing Link Between Anxiety and Muscle Tension

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The Life-Changing Link Between Anxiety and Muscle TensionAnxiety is thought of as a psychological disorder, but it actually involves many systems of the body. Anxiety is a true “somatic” condition: It is typically brought on and made worse not by any external source like a virus, but by our internal psychological and physiological functioning.For many [...]

Somatic Relaxation Exercises

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In this short Somatics class, you'll learn gentle movements that release chronic muscular tension in the lower back, abdomen, shoulders, chest, face and jaw. Did you know that chronic muscular tension is directly linked to psychological stress? Human beings are naturally well equipped to recover from short-term, life-threatening stress. Unfortunately, long-term, psychological stress stays with [...]