Experience groundbreaking neuromuscular education.

By working directly with the nervous system, Clinical Somatic Education retrains damaging postural and movement patterns, relieves chronic pain and releases muscular tension.

Most musculoskeletal pain and degeneration is caused by learned postural and movement patterns that develop over the course of our lifetimes.

What is Somatics

In other words, the way we habitually sit, stand and move is typically the cause of our pain and our physical breakdown.

Luckily, just as damaging postural and movement habits are learned, they can be changed.

Through an active learning process, Clinical Somatic Education addresses the underlying cause of chronic pain by changing these learned patterns. Somatic movement techniques allow you to release chronic muscular tension and relearn natural, efficient postural and movement patterns so that you can stop doing damage to your body.

Clinical Somatic Education was developed by Dr. Thomas Hanna. Dr. Hanna’s studies of movement and neurophysiology led him to understand how habitual muscular patterns can lead to chronic muscle contraction, pain and degeneration. He developed groundbreaking hands-on and self-care movement techniques which release chronically tight muscles and retrain damaging muscular patterns.

Clinical Somatic Education is different
than anything you’ve tried before.

Passive therapies such as massage and chiropractic, while often providing temporary relief, do not change learned patterns. Strength-building exercises used in physical therapy can often worsen muscular pain by making muscles tighter. In order to change learned muscular patterns and get lasting pain relief, you must engage in an active learning process consisting of slow, conscious movement.

You can learn how to relieve your own pain.

You can learn Clinical Somatics self-care exercises at private sessions, in group workshops, or with learn-at-home classes. The self-care movements should be practiced at home daily. By the end of a series of sessions or classes, you’ve learned how to relieve your own pain and improve your posture and movement by doing these gentle exercises. Unlike other therapies, you don’t need to come back for regular visits; you will be educated and empowered to take care of yourself.

Clinical Somatic Education will have a profound effect on the chronic pain epidemic in our country and on our health care costs.

Chronic pain costs us approximately $600 billion annually in health care and lost productivity, which is $2,000.00 each year for each person living in the U.S. Approximately 116 million Americans, or a third of our population, suffer from chronic pain. That is more than diabetes (25.8 million), heart disease (16.3 million) and cancer (11.7 million) combined.

Americans Who Suffer

What is Somatics

Annual Cost in the U.S.

What is Somatics

Clinical Somatic Education empowers you
to be free from chronic pain.

Many of the people suffering from chronic pain would be able to go off pain medication and avoid repetitive visits to doctors, physical therapists, and body workers if they had the knowledge of how to relieve and prevent their own pain. Clinical Somatic Education gives you the tools you need to relieve your own pain and to continue to improve your posture and movement for the rest of your life.

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