Clinical Somatics Exercises for Full Body Relief

Level One & Level Two Courses

In the Level One & Level Two Courses, you’ll learn how to use groundbreaking Clinical Somatics exercises to alleviate common musculoskeletal conditions, improve your posture and movement, and prevent recurring pain and injuries. By the end of the courses you’ll be self-sufficient, able to prevent and relieve your own pain by doing the exercises you feel that you need each day.

Level One Course Curriculum

Clinical Somatics exercises are slow, gentle, and therapeutic. The exercises are appropriate for all ages and fitness levels. In the two-month Level One Course, you’ll learn Thomas Hanna’s Clinical Somatics exercises one by one though video demonstrations, audio classes, and written explanations. The Level One & Two Courses are designed to give you a learning experience similar to working with a private instructor. You’ll spend several days focusing on each exercise before moving on to the next one. This focused time gives you the opportunity to become completely comfortable with the exercises and the effects that each one has on your body. The pace of the course is set, so you cannot skip ahead, but you can feel free to move more slowly through the course if you want to.

Periodically, you will do short audio classes that combine the exercises into sequences. At the end of the course, you’ll receive a comprehensive Daily Practice Class that includes all of the exercises. Throughout the course, you’ll receive a daily email letting you know that there is a new exercise to learn, a new class to use, or suggesting what to practice that day. Ultimately, you will have learned the exercises well enough that you are able to assess yourself and do what you need on a daily basis to prevent and relieve your pain and continue to improve your posture and movement.

Full Body Pain Relief & Relaxation is a series of seven audio classes (with no video demonstrations) that address the entire body. The exercises are described in detail, so beginners can learn from these classes if they wish. You’ll download the classes once and then own them forever. The Full Body audio series includes all of the exercises that are in the Level One Course, and some of the exercises that are in the Level Two Course.

The Level One Course is a two-month online course that teaches the exercises one by one through video demonstrations, audio classes, and written explanations. I believe that this course is the ideal way for a beginner to learn Clinical Somatics exercises from home without the guidance of a practitioner. You’ll focus on each exercise individually and have the time to understand how it affects you before moving on to the next one. You’ll receive a daily email letting you know that there is a new exercise to learn, a new class to use, or suggesting what to practice that day. The course does require you to log into the website on a very regular basis in order to learn each new exercise, periodically download audio classes, and keep up with the course. The course is structured to help you to incorporate a short Somatics practice into your daily routine, which is a critical part of preventing and relieving functional pain and injuries.

For the same reason that Somatics practitioners do not demonstrate the exercises, audio classes have been the traditional tool used to learn and practice the exercises at home. Visually copying someone else’s movement versus doing the movement completely on your own entail different neurological processes. You are more effectively able to retrain your nervous system by doing the movement on your own, with all of your focus on your own sensory-motor experience of the movement. However, many people requested video classes, so I incorporated video demonstrations into the Level One & Level Two Courses. The videos are used as a tool to help you initially learn the movement, after which you are encouraged to use just the audio to guide you.

The Level One Course and Level Two Course together contain all of the Clinical Somatics exercises that are included in all of the audio class downloads that I offer. If you are unsure of whether to start with the Level One Course or an audio class tailored specifically to your condition, please email me at [email protected].

In the two-month Level One Course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use Thomas Hanna’s technique of pandiculation to release chronic muscle tension, relieve chronic pain, and retrain your muscle memory

  • Alleviate back pain, disc problems, joint pain, kyphosis, lordosis, scoliosis, sciatica, iliopsoas syndrome, osteoarthritis, uneven leg length, and more

  • Learn exercises that release the lower back, hips, abdominals, obliques, shoulders, iliopsoas muscle, and more
  • Improve posture, mobility, balance, body awareness, and muscular control
  • Prevent recurring injuries and degeneration
  • Improve athletic performance and speed recovery time
  • Reduce stress and anxiety, and improve sleep and breathing

  • Develop a daily practice that addresses your individual needs
Register for Level One Course | Cost: $45

ncbtmb continuing education

You can earn 4 NCBTMB Continuing Education credits by completing the Level One Course. Click here to learn more!

How can Clinical Somatics change your life?

This is the best program I have encountered. I am a military veteran, with 2 tours to Afghanistan and have scoliosis which became much worse due to all the heavy lifting and carry overseas. These exercises have released the muscles and I am almost back to normal.“
“I just want to say that I’m so grateful that you have shared your expertise online, as I have no practitioners near me, and Somatics has proved to be a huge benefit to me even in these early stages. Actually, it is the only thing that has worked in helping me to walk and stand again!…I can’t cure my condition, but with Somatics I can finally get my life and health back and be a physical, active person again. Like I said, I’m just so grateful you have made this programme accessible online. Thank you!”
“My great good news is that I have not yet even completed the first course and my high hip (“short leg”) has almost completely returned to normal positioning! After two years (this very month, oddly), I had forgotten how wonderful it feels to move around normally again…I have always been prone to anxiety, but in the past three years, I have had terrible anxiety over even the simplest of things, and these somatic movements have cured my anxiety well past ninety percent in just these few weeks. I suddenly have not only better control over my body but over my emotions as well… I have never experienced the profound physical and metaphysical effects that I have experienced in just these few somatic weeks – now that really tells me a lot! I only wish that I had known about Somatics long before now, and what is really sad is that I could have known, but I never heard of Dr. Hanna until I visited your site a month ago. What a pity this movement system is not more widely known and practiced – in schools, hospitals, prisons, corporate offices – the world would truly be a better place for all!”
Mary Jo M.
“First I want to thank you so much for this program, it is truly remarkable…with these exercises I feel I have a way to stop any progression and to help me live a more pain free existence. I could not be more grateful. You do such a wonderful job of instructing and demonstrating- it’s very clear, easy to understand and follow. Plus you have such a peaceful and calm demeanor. Its mindfulness and meditation in action- love it!”
“I really want to thank you for the Level One course. All the different exercises really changed my life. I have had back and hip problems for over 20 years and it is almost gone. I tried so many things and nothing really worked for me except these somatic movements. I am sure that I will go on with the Level Two course. Thank you so much for changing my life in this positive way.”

Level One & Two Combo

Save $25 by registering for Level One & Two at the same time!

When you register for the Level One & Two Combo, your Level Two Course (scroll down for course description) starts automatically when you complete Level One. You can go through the courses as slowly as you want to, and have as long as you need to access the course material.

Normally $120 Now just $95!

Register for Level One & Two Combo | Cost: $95

Relieve your muscle and joint pain
and take care of your body at any age.

Learn Somatics Exercises

Learn the exercises one by one

Fully understand each exercise with video demonstrations, audio classes, and simple written explanations

Gradually incorporate the exercises into your daily routine

Practice the gentle, relaxing exercises for just 15-30 minutes per day

Somatic exercises

Feel the benefits of each exercise

Feel how each exercise affects your muscle tension, pain levels, posture, mobility, and muscular control

Somatic exercises

Relieve your pain and become self-sufficient

Learn how to relieve and prevent recurring pain and injuries by taking care of yourself on a daily basis

Level Two Course Curriculum

The three-month Level Two Course is structured in a very similar way to the Level One Course, but it moves a little faster, with twice as many exercises as the Level One Course. And while the Level One Course is focused on working with the core of the body, Level Two moves outward to the extremities. You’ll work with the neck, shoulders, face & jaw, hips, legs, and feet.

The Level Two Course also includes four proprioceptive exercises. The word proprioception means “how you sense your body in space.” As a result of adapting to habitual muscular patterns, many people have an altered, inaccurate sense of their posture. Their proprioception has gradually adapted over time, giving them the sense that they are standing straight up and down even though their spine is curved to some degree forward, backward, or to one side. The proprioceptive exercises help you to retrain your proprioception so that you can improve your posture and have an accurate sense of how you’re sitting and standing.

The Level One Course and Level Two Course together contain all of the Clinical Somatics exercises that are included in all of the audio class downloads that I offer.

*Please note: Before enrolling in the Level Two Course, you must complete either the Level One Course or the Full Body Pain Relief & Relaxation audio series.

In the Level Two Course, you’ll learn exercises that relieve:

  • Tension and pain in the hips, leg muscles, feet, neck, shoulders, face, and jaw

  • Forward head posture

  • Frozen shoulder

  • Leg spasms & cramps

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Sciatica & piriformis syndrome

  • Scoliosis

  • Temporomandibular joint disorders

  • Thoracic outlet syndrome

  • Uneven leg length

Register for Level Two Course | Cost: $75

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Don’t be content to let your physical well-being, posture, movement, and athletic performance decline as you get older. You can relieve your own pain and prevent recurring injuries and degeneration with just 15-30 minutes a day of gentle, relaxing Clinical Somatics exercises. Start learning today!