Exercises for Frozen Shoulder

These exercises allow you to release and regain control of the muscles of your shoulder, chest, and waist.

When practiced daily, the exercises will relieve the chronic muscle tension and limited movement
that causes frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis).

Please do the exercises extremely slowly and gently, as instructed,
and do not do them if you feel pain or discomfort. Suggested modifications are below the video.


1. Watch the Video Demonstration to get a basic understanding of the movements.

2. Then, lie down on your carpet or exercise mat and play the video again. This time, close your eyes and just listen to the audio while you practice the movements.

*If you have adhesive capsulitis in your right shoulder, lie down on your left side so that you can practice the movements with your right side.

*If you have adhesive capsulitis in your left shoulder, lie down on your right side so that you can practice the movements with your left side.

3. Do not skip the standing awareness exercises before or after the movements. They are a critical part of the process of retraining your nervous system.


Expand to full screen to see more detail; these are subtle movements.

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Modification for the Side Curl (first exercise): If it is not possible for you to reach your arm up over your head in the Side Curl due to shoulder or neck pain, leave your hand resting on the floor in front of you. If you can comfortably curl your head up to the side without support, you can, but please be careful. The safer modification is to leave your head down while doing the movement. Instead of lifting up your head, focus on sliding the side of your rib cage down toward your hip, contracting your obliques. Then, release as slowly as you can back to neutral.

Modification for the Diagonal Curl (second exercise): Instead of putting your hand behind your head, place it on your lower belly and relax your arm, letting your elbow rest on your waist/out to the side. As instructed in the video, start by inhaling, then exhale. Curl up diagonally just a little bit as you exhale, lifting your head up just an inch or two off the floor. You should be trying to bring your working shoulder diagonally closer to your knees. This is a small movement, but you should be able to feel your obliques contracting. Then, release them as slowly as you can while lowering your head down and allowing yourself to twist open a little more. With each repetition, you can allow yourself to twist open a little farther, if it’s comfortable.

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