The Arch & Flatten

The Arch & Flatten allows you to release and gain control of your lower back and abdominal muscles. This is the most basic and most important movement in Clinical Somatics, as it allows you to gain control of the core of your body.

When practiced daily, this exercise will relieve pain and other issues resulting from chronic tightness in the lower back, including back spasms, disc problems, sciatica, lordosis, and scoliosis.

Please do this movement extremely slowly and gently, as instructed, and do not do it if you feel pain or discomfort.


1. Watch the Video Demonstration to get a basic understanding of the movement.

2. Then, lie down on your carpet or exercise mat and play the video again. This time, close your eyes and just listen to the audio while you practice the movement.

3. Do not skip the standing awareness exercises before or after the movement. They are a critical part of the process of retraining your nervous system.


Expand to full screen to see more detail; these are subtle movements.

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