NCBTMB Continuing Education Credit

Sarah Warren, CSE is an NCBTMB Approved CE Provider, and you can earn 4 NCBTMB CE credits in the Self-Care category by completing the Level One Course.

Please be aware that the Level One Course is two months long, and you cannot skip ahead. The Continuing Education Credit Exam will become available to you on day 46 of the course, when you have learned all the exercises. So, please make sure you have enough time to complete the course before your credits are due!

To receive credit, simply sign up for the course through the Level One Course page. Once registered, you will see a link in the Course Introduction that says “NCBTMB Continuing Education Course Exam.” You may take the exam on day 46 or anytime after to receive your credit.

As a massage therapist, Clinical Somatics exercises are an excellent way for you to take care of yourself. The slow, gentle exercises release the muscle tension that you build up each day; improve posture, body awareness and mechanics; and give you insight to your clients’ patterns of tension.

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