Full Body Pain Relief & Relaxation with Clinical Somatics

Join Clinical Somatic Educator Sarah Warren as she guides you through a series of Clinical Somatics movement classes in the comfort of your home.

Did you know that most musculoskeletal pain is the result of chronically tight muscles?

Tight muscles alone are sore and painful. Tight muscles also compress your joints and nerves, leading to pain and degeneration. Chronically tight muscles cause you to stand and move in unnatural ways, making you put undue pressure and torque on certain parts of your body.

Over the course of your lifetime, you develop unique posture and movement patterns, and your brain learns to keep certain muscles contracted all the time.

In order to get lasting relief, you need to train your nervous system to release your chronically tight muscles.

To retrain your nervous system to keep your muscles released, you must engage in an active learning process consisting of slow, conscious movements. Passive methods such as stretching, massage, and chiropractic don’t have any lasting effect because they do not change the messages that your brain is sending to your muscles to stay tight.

Clinical Somatic Education is gentle, therapeutic, and suitable for all ages and physical abilities.

Lie down on a carpet or exercise mat and enjoy a series of relaxing movement classes. At the end of each class, you’ll feel a wonderful sense of release in your muscles and overall relaxation.

This class series consists of seven audio classes ranging in length from 30 to 50 minutes, as well as two short proprioceptive exercises. The classes range in file size from 29MB to 49MB. In addition, you’ll receive a 44-minute Daily Practice Class, which you can use on a regular basis after you have become comfortable with all of the exercises.

Full Body Pain Relief & Relaxation is a series of seven audio classes (with no video demonstrations) that address the entire body. The exercises are described in detail, so beginners can learn from these classes if they wish. You’ll download the classes once and then own them forever. The Full Body audio series includes all of the exercises that are in the Level One Course, and some of the exercises that are in the Level Two Course.

The Level One Course is a two-month online course that teaches the exercises one by one through video demonstrations, audio classes, and written explanations. I believe that this course is the ideal way for a beginner to learn Clinical Somatics exercises from home without the guidance of a practitioner. You’ll focus on each exercise individually and have the time to understand how it affects you before moving on to the next one. You’ll receive a daily email letting you know that there is a new exercise to learn, a new class to use, or suggesting what to practice that day. The course does require you to log into the website on a very regular basis in order to learn each new exercise, periodically download audio classes, and keep up with the course. The course is structured to help you to incorporate a short Somatics practice into your daily routine, which is a critical part of preventing and relieving functional pain and injuries.

For the same reason that Somatics practitioners do not demonstrate the exercises, audio classes have been the traditional tool used to learn and practice the exercises at home. Visually copying someone else’s movement versus doing the movement completely on your own entail different neurological processes. You are more effectively able to retrain your nervous system by doing the movement on your own, with all of your focus on your own sensory-motor experience of the movement. However, many people requested video classes, so I incorporated video demonstrations into the Level One & Level Two Courses. The videos are used as a tool to help you initially learn the movement, after which you are encouraged to use just the audio to guide you.

The Level One Course and Level Two Course together contain all of the Clinical Somatics exercises that are included in all of the audio class downloads that I offer. If you are unsure of whether to start with the Level One Course or an audio class tailored specifically to your condition, please email me at [email protected].

Somatic exercises full body

Start getting out of pain today!

Simply download the class series, and start learning
how to get out of pain today.

In this audio class series, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use Thomas Hanna’s technique of pandiculation to release chronic tightness and relieve chronic pain

  • Alleviate many common musculoskeletal conditions such as disc problems, sciatica, tendinitis, and joint pain

  • Regain flexibility and range of motion
  • Improve your posture with standing proprioceptive exercises
  • Relearn natural, efficient movement patterns
  • Take care of yourself on a daily basis with slow, gentle, relaxing exercises

  • BONUS: You’ll also get a 44-minute Daily Practice Class! (to use after you have become comfortable with the exercises)